Do Sérélys® Tablets contain Phytoestrogen?

Sérélys® Tablets are 100% non hormonal and do not contain phytoestrogen.

Sérélys® products are the natural solution for managing symptoms of menopause without hormone action and without estrogenic activity.

Women who are not comfortable with hormone replacement therapy may consider taking Sérélys® Tablets as an alternative.

For how long Sérélys® Tablets has to be taken to see a Result?

Each woman reacts differently, and the reaction could be seen between 15 days to 8 weeks.

It is advisable to take the tablets twice a day, one in the morning, one in the evening. Generally, you will see signs of improvement in the second month.

Since Sérélys® is a natural product, it is recommended to continue taking the product for a minimum of two months, to observe the desired effects.

Is it advisable to Continue Taking Sérélys® if your Symptoms have Considerably Improved?

Sérélys® Tablets are natural products, it is recommended to continue taking Sérélys® tables to obtain the desired effects and to get the benefits continuously.

Are there any Side Effects for People Being Allergic to Pollen and Grass?

Sérélys® technology allows extraction of the purified cytoplasm from pollen and eliminates the hull of the pollen grain. Hence, people who are allergic to pollen and grass can take Sérélys®

Can Sérélys® Vaginal Gel be used with Condoms?

Sérélys® Vaginal Gel is compatible with condoms.

Can Sérélys® Vaginal Gel be used as a Lubricant, is it possible to use it Daily?

Sérélys® Vaginal Gel moisturizes and lubricates while respecting the vaginal flora with its pH 4.5.
Sérélys® Vaginal Gel can be used as a lubricant, as a single dose per day or as a moisturizer, with a single dose every 3 days.