Sérélys® Tablets

What is it?



Sérélys® Tablets, particularly helping to relieve symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats occurring during menopause.


2 tablets a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Usually the first signs of improvement appear after the second month. It is advised to continue taking Sérélys® Tablets for continuity of efficiency.

Sérélys® Tablets are the natural solution to manage the discomforts that occur during menopause.

2 Sérélys® Tablets contain:

  • Purified cytoplasmic extracts of pollen: 320 mg
  • Vitamin E: 10 mg

Biotechnology came to the rescue of Swedish women who wished to relieve the discomfort caused by menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, day/night sweats, tender joints – by providing a natural solution, which can be efficient.

Pollen and bees appeared on earth 50 to 60 million years ago. Pollen has been used in human food since ancient times for the benefits that it provides. A pollen grain has an average size, which is between 20 to 40 microns (thousandth of a millimeter). There are thousands of varieties of pollen. Each plant species produces a pollen specific, i.e. the real “fingerprint” of the plant concerned, with characteristics that allow accurate identification under the microscope.


There are two types of Pollen:

The pollen transported by wind, are called “anemophilous” which are responsible for respiratory allergies; and that carried by bees, called “entomophilous”, which present only dietary and therapeutic benefits.


Unfortunately, it is impossible:

  • To use “anemophilous” pollen, as it contains allergens
  • To ask the bees to select their harvest to guide the therapeutic properties of “entomophilous” pollen
  • To digest the shell of pollen grains to release the active ingredients (one found intact pollen grains in the tombs of the Pharaohs).

In the 80s, Dr. Gösta Carlsson, Swedish developed Sérélys® technology.

The Sérélys® technology is to mimic nature to extract the cytoplasm of pollen grains by the germ tube and separate from the allergenic envelope. This yields purified non-allergenic cytoplasm. Sérélys® technology makes it possible to imitate nature in the laboratory.

This is done in a phyto-reactor to bring together the pollen and pistils in very specific operating conditions.

There are a number of substances with therapeutic properties in pollen and pistils such as “Rutin” (a potent free radical scavenger).

Thanks to Sérélys® technology, it is now possible to analyze the contents of a pollen grain and thus to choose the flowers according to their therapeutic properties. One can thus select the best flowers.

Sérélys® technology also allows you to select plants that do not contain phytoestrogens.

The active ingredients in Sérélys® tablets do not contain soy, flax, hops, sage etc and betacarotene. Hence, Sérélys® tablets do not have any estrogenic activity.


Production Meets the Standards for Pharmaceutical Production

It is necessary to collect more than 1 kilogram of flowers to produce 5 grams of purified cytoplasmic extracts of pollen.

Sérélys® technology is then implemented in a giant plant-reactor allowing the harvest of purified cytoplasmic and elimination of potential allergenic fractions.

The purified cytoplasmic extracts thus obtained, true yellow gold plant “caviar”, contain all the necessary assets to prepare Sérélys® Tablets.

A strict control is performed continuously at each stage of production.

Indeed, in addition to quality control (purity, bacteriological and fungal) we ensure that the purified cytoplasm contain all the active constituents in Sérélys® tablets.

Each tablet Sérélys® therefore possesses the same quantity and quality of assets.

The biotechnology unit at Sérélys® operates under the supervision of the Food & Drug Administration (USA), the Medical Products Agency of Sweden and the Bureau Veritas Quality International.

Sérélys® tablets are packaged under the strictest international standards called GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Sérélys® biotechnology enables production by phyto-extraction of non-allergenic purified cytoplasmic extracts selected for their assets.

Scientifically Proven Effectiveness

The effectiveness of Sérélys® Tablets has been scientifically proven through clinical studies.

Double-blind Study Versus Placebo:

A double-blind placebo control study led on 101 patients at 2 tablets per day for 2 months showed that Sérélys® Tablets are effective on all the characteristic symptoms of menopause.

After two months of Sérélys® Tablets at two tablets a day, 7 out of 10 women responded positively to Sérélys® Tablets.

After two months of Sérélys® Tablets at two tablets per day, there was a decrease in the intensity of all events: night sweats decreased by 66%, hot flashes by 65%, difficulty sleeping 63% etc..

Moreover, the blood levels of FSH, estrogen, testosterone and SHBG performed showed no change in their concentrations in patients on Sérélys® .

The study showed the effectiveness of Sérélys® Tablets on all symptoms of menopause, it has also proven that Sérélys® Tablets had no hormonal action.

Multicenter Study:

A second multicenter study conducted by 102 French doctors, on 417 patients who took 2 tablets per day for 3 months also showed that Sérélys® Tablets are effective on both the frequency and intensity of related symptoms with menopause such as hot flushes, day/night sweats, irritability, fatigue …

A decrease in the frequency and intensity respectively of 65% and 64% of hot flushes, by 66% and 67% of night sweats, 54% of irritability and fatigue in 51% was recorded.

Sérélys® Tablets help women live better this transition period.

Sérélys® Tablets improve sleep quality by 47% and the quality of life by 48%.

<< The results observed in the multicenter study that examined Sérélys® Tablets are encouraging: significant efficacy on vasomotor symptoms, good clinical tolerance with treatment with no trace of hormone. >>.

The multicenter study also shows the effectiveness of Sérélys® Tablets on all the characteristic symptoms of menopause. Sérélys® Tablets may be an alternative for women who wish to take natural products..

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Sérélys® Tablets can relieve – symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes, day / night sweats, poor quality of sleep, mood swings / imbalances :

  • A natural product
  • 100% non-hormonal
  • Without estrogenic activity
  • Non-hormonal mechanism of action
  • Does not contain beta-carotene
  • 13 years experience
  • Scientifically tested

In conformity with the regulations for pharmaceutical manufacturing, the biotechnological production unit at Sérélys® operates under the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration, the Medical Product Agency and Bureau Veritas Quality International.

Hence, Sérélys® is the natural solution to managing menopause symptoms.